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Frequently Asked Questions
Read through some commonly asked questions by students.

How does a distance learning program work?

A distance learning program can be completed without having to attend lectures or exams at university. This makes it so valuable for people who have other obligations like family or a full-time job. All learning materials can be found online on a mobile learning platform and accessed anywhere at any time. 

Can anyone start a distance learning program?

MBA General Management / Collegium Civitas 
A Bachelor's or a Master's degree is necessary to enroll. Please note that your diploma must be issued in English. Otherwise please provide a certified translation.

My account for the online learning platform is not working. Where can I get help?

If you have any problems concerning our online learning platform, please contact our technical support: / 0043 1 361 98 84 – 51

Are there any events I have to personally attend at the university?

MBA General Management / Collegium Civitas 
For the entire duration of this MBA you do not have to attend any courses or events in person. You can successfully complete the study program online.

How do online exams work?

After every course you have to take an exam. The exams can be taken online and consist of numerous multiple-choice questions. In order to take any online exam you need a PC or laptop with internet connection as well a webcam and a microphone. You can use the webcam and microphone on your laptop. The time and place of an exam are chosen by the students.

Online exams are possible thanks to our proctoring software, which is integrated on our learning platform. The software monitors every exam to make sure cheating on exams is impossible. Our proctoring software will check you and your surroundings for any suspicious activities and alert our support team in case anything seems wrong. 

I work full-time. Is it possible and realistic to finish the MBA General Management in one year?

Yes, the online study program was specifically designed for professionals who work full-time. Students can decide how and when they learn and prepare. Moreover, exams can be taken online at any time. Another benefit is the flexible start of the MBA as well as the easy application. In fact, you can start your MBA anytime and simply apply for the program online here on this website.

Who is POBS private online business school?

The POBS private online business school is among the best e-learning-experts in Europe. POBS is partnering with numerous universities and business schools and helps them to adopt digital study programs. Together with Collegium Civitas POBS has designed the MBA General Management - the very first online postgraduate study program in Poland.

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