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How does an online MBA work?

Get to know all the benefits of studying online.
Start your Master of Business Administration in General Management whenever you want. No need to keep track of terms or deadlines. Once you have started, you decide when, where and how you learn. On the online study platform, you can access all courses and learning materials, get in touch with other students, message your tutors and take exams at home on your PC or laptop.
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Why choose the MBA General Management?
  1. Study online without harming your work-life-balance
  2. Start at any time - no terms, no deadlines
  3. Gain an MBA degree in one year
  4. Benefit from unlimited support and tuition 
  5. All exams online - no fixed dates, you decide when and where you take your exams
  6. No added fees 
  7. Study without losing out on work experience
The simple way of studying online
Key advantages of your distance learning MBA


(maximum 36 months)


Become a business leader.

Start your online degree now!

Accelerate your career with an MBA degree
Gain practical skills and immediately use them at your job. 
Get your degree online 
Up-to-date course materials 
Build an international network 
Receive ongoing feedback 
Gain leadership skills 
Study on any device 
Develop business ideas 
Start whenever you want 
Master of Business Administration
A flexible online degree for professionals

Do I have to attend courses?
No, the MBA General Management can be finished entirely online without any obligatory attendance at university.

How do online exams work? 
Every exam during your online MBA studies can be taken online, anytime you want. This is possible thanks to our proctoring software, which is integrated on our learning platform. The software monitors every exam to make sure cheating on exams is impossible. To take the online exam, you will need a webcam and a microphone. Our proctoring software will check you and your surroundings for any suspicious activities and alert our support team in case anything seems wrong. 

Do I have to write a master thesis?
Yes, after you have finished all courses you write a thesis on the topic of your choice. In order to complete your degree, you must pass a final oral exam.

How does the final exam work?
The final oral takes place via video conference. During the exam you have to defend your thesis in front of a scientific committee and answer questions based on the curriculum.

How long can I study?
You can gain your MBA degree completely online in only 12 months. However, you can take your time. The maximum duration of the MBA General Management is 36 months. Note that no additional costs occur for longer studies.

Is it possible to complete the MBA program in one year when I have a full-time job?
Yes, the online study program is specifically designed for professionals and aspiring business leaders. Anyone with a full-time job can achieve an MBA degree in one year.

When can I start the MBA?
You can start the MBA General Management at any time. In fact, you can apply right now directly here on this website.
Need more information?
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